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Kirstine Engell is no ordinary hairstylist: she is also as a trained make-up artist, has worked internationally on fashion shows, campaigns, music videos, movies and commercials, has written about beauty for Elle Denmark, and is an avid surfer escaping to the European shores in search of good waves and good vibes at every opportunity.


This globetrotting Dane is a self-described “Spiritual Cowgirl” who´s motto is “be happy work hard and be kind”. Kirstine has a chilled, positive, and soothing aura, which she brings with her as a hairstylist, a make-up artist and as a yoga teacher trained in Morocco.


Surrender to her unique skills - her signature look is “effortless and bohemian”, but she also knows the importance of being openminded, flexible and creative in various aspects to meet every need, whether she is working on a photo shoot, for a private client or writing beauty editorials.  


@kirstineengell at instagram

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